On Page Techniques

On Page Techniques

ON Page techniques:  On Page techniques are used to optimize  the website. There are many on page factors that play a vital role to rank higher in search results.

Content Optimization: Content is one of the most vital factor of on page if you have less quality or duplicate content on your website or blog then it would not be rank higher in search results. Google also has a PANDA update that checks the quality of Content if your content is not unique and relevant then it may penalty your website and your website may be penalized. To get more details about content optimization click here.

URL Optimization:  Website's URL must be optimized properly. It should not contain underscore and its length should not be more much.

URLs must reflect the category hierarchy of the website. It should be some informative. It is considered as a relevancy factor in search engines. URLs structure must be as follow


Above URL clearly reflect the hierarchy of the information on the webpage. Below is an example of Bad URL structure:


above URL doesn't provide any type of information about page.    URLs must contain your most valuable keywords. It will help the search engines to understand the web page and what type of information we are providing on that page.

H (Heading)Tags: H tags are very important factors to gain higher ranking. Search engines read those keywords quickly that are provided in H tags. H tags should be used properly on the web page. There are 6 types of H tags that are used in sequence. H1, H2 and H3 tags are considered more important then others.

Meta Tags: Meta tags are used to describe to the search engines that a web page is providing which type of information. Meta informations appear on search results and help to gain more traffic.
Basically four type of meta tags are used in SEO

1. Meta Title
2. Meta Description
3. Meta Keywords
4. Meta Rating tag
to get full details about these meta tags click here.

Broken Links: Those links that are misspelled, not exist or for another reasons are not in working state are called broken links. Broken links should be removed at once because they create problems for search engines to index properly all web pages of your website.

Keyword Planning: Your targeting keywords must be relevant to your website and should be placed in your website content. You can use a keyword research tools to find relevant keywords for your website. there are many free tools available that can be used to choose right keywords for your business. Google keyword planner is also a free tool offered by Google can be used for keyword research.

Image Optimization: Image size should be low without compromising with its quality by which it can be load faster. There are many image editor programs are available on the internet that can be used to reduce the size of Image.

Image's Alt tag and title tag must be set. If you want to get better results from image and want to get traffic from it then you can include your main keywords in Alt and title tag of the keyword.
For more details click here.

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